Mr. May is a retired E9/SGM, service-disabled veteran, serving 26 years in the U.S. Army.  He was detailed to the most highly demanding tactical and technical positions in the U.S. Army.  He served combat tours in Iraq.  Upon retirement Vince served as Director of Training (DOT) for GLOBAL Integrated Security and Director of Training (DOT) for The O'Gara Group.  His assignments include 5+ years working directly with the U.S Department of State (DOS) under the Worldwide Protection Service  (WPS) and the Global Antiterrorism Training Assistance Programs (GATA) successfully training 7,000+ personnel worldwide.  In addition to being certified as a DOS Director of Training for the WPS program, Vince also holds 11 WPS Instructional Bio's to include DOS Range Master Firearms Instructor (RMFI) Certified




Mr. May, a retired LTC/O-5, 100% Service-Disabled Veteran with over 26 years of service to the US Army, is a partner who serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Operations Officer (COO).  He manages the day to day business operations and financial management for the entire company, focusing on Contractual requirements, financial management and day to day corporate functions.  He is a certified Program Management Professional, has earned an MBA, and brings more than 30 years professional experience in management at all levels of the military, including over 26 years of management and problem-solving experience in Army Medical Logistics, Army Logistics, and Army National Guard operations.  Bob is a “can do” leader and manager who excels in logistics planning, training and execution.   He has over 30 years working Supply Chain logistics, including over 5 years of experience teaching Logistics Readiness at the National Guard Profession Education Center (NGPEC).  He has successfully held a progression of leadership, requirements management, and emergency operations and logistics positions.  As an accomplished leader, public speaker, instructor and manager, he brings bright, inquisitive ideas and leadership which consistently delivers outstanding results in the most trying of situations and conditions.  Mr. May has over 25 years of Project Management as a Contractor and as a Military Officer and over 15 years as a Program Manager, managing multiple Projects.  Mr. May has 3 years of Law Enforcement Experience working at national accredited Arlington County, VA police Department.  Mr. May has over 300 hours of platform instruction and has served as both Lead and Assistant Instructor. 




Dwight brings over 21 years of military experience, retiring as a Master Sergeant, with deployments to Afghanistan where he served as the Senior Military Advisor to an Afghan National Army Corps. Dwight held many levels of leadership throughout his military career and was a platform instructor with curriculum design for Sniper, Infantry, Tactics, Weapons training, Low Light and Night Training, Rappel Master, Air Assault and training records management. Since his retirement from the Army, Dwight has worked in the government contractor lane with multiple companies, mainly at the training management level, culminating with his assignment as Director of Operations and Learning Standards Officer at a major contractor. Dwight brings training management to life for OHG, where he maintains all training files, coordinates all instructors and manages the master training calendar. Dwight reviews and maintains all curriculum to ensure it meets and exceeds standards established by the owning organization. Dwight has conducted Marksmanship Instruction and Requalification ranges for Third Country Nationals in austere environments and Dwight maintains active Department of State qualifications to teach Explosives Countermeasures, Chemical Biological, Firearms, Designated Defensive Marksman, Close Quarters Battel and Defensive Tactics. Dwight is a well-rounded, seasoned instructor and training manager who ensures OHG Training Solutions is able to meet and exceed all requirements.